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A Full Service Market Research Agency and Consulting Firm.


Market Research and Survey Strategy

We are a full service agency providing services from market research and survey strategies, analyzing survey designs and approach for best practices, programming and testing of surveys and a comprehensive analysis of the survey results.

Customer Engagement Management

Utilizing the concepts of the renowned customer engagement methodology known as Net Promoter® System, we work with clients to design the appropriate systems and processes. Then we move into the implementation phase where we gain employee buy in and commitment, before moving into an implementation phase.

Data Driven Marketing Strategies

We are firm believers in data driven marketing strategies and have made this concept a cornerstone of our firm’s practice. For this type of project we work with the client’s marketing, operational and IT groups to identify all of the existing and desired data and identify the necessary processes and methods to capture the necessary data. Then we will work with the client’s management.

Our Approach

We follow a consultative approach of working with our clients to identify the goals and objectives. Once these are well defined we work to put together the most efficient and cost effective approach to providing the necessary processes to accomplish the goals and objectives.

Our commitment is to up-front and clear about all project costs. At a minimum we provide a maximum project cost for the current phase, but in most cases we are able to provide a maximum project cost before commencing the project. This maximum project cost is based upon the defined project scope and is only subject to change should the scope of the project change significantly.

We pride ourselves on the outstanding level of client satisfaction and referrals, we generate, so you can be assured of receiving the most professional and beneficial results from any project you commence with Arbor Vista Consulting.

Sample Client Engagements

Portfolio 1

Customer Satisfaction Survey Design and Implementation

We have had numerous engagements to work with clients to build customer satisfaction ratings. More recently we have expanded this to embrace the Net Promoter® System, extending beyond the quantification of the metric and focusing on the root cause of identified weaknesses and proposing new processes and procedures.

Portfolio 2

New Flavor Concepts and Ranking

Annually one of our leading consumer brand clients performs a survey to assess a variety of new flavor concepts, products, packaging and other aspects that are important to their consumers. Using various randomization techniques we are able to clearly define the new flavor desires of the brands most loyal consumers.

Portfolio 3

Loyalty Program Redesign and Promotions Prioritization

A leading personal products brand wanted to relaunch their loyalty program with a new consumer interaction portal. As part of this project we were able to clearly demonstrate the approach favored by the consumers. In addition as a by-product we were able to provide a prioritization of the various promotions and offers that were most desired by the loyalty group’s favorite consumers.

Portfolio 1

Loyalty Program Location Based Interactions

Working with a leading retail chain we created a loyalty program to measure the effectiveness of the program as well as to provide real time feedback as to the consumers experience when they visited the various stores.

Portfolio 2

Email Marketing Effectiveness

One of the largest consumer goods brands wanted to evaluate the effectiveness of their email marketing program. Using a structured Control and Exposed methodology, we were able to document the “lift” with a statistical significance generated by the marketing campaigns. In addition we were able to provide the results of these responses back to the ESP for future segmentation and targeting.

Portfolio 3

Mobile Advertising Effectiveness

One of the leading mobile advertising networks wanted to create a program to demonstrate the effectiveness of their campaigns. Using a structured Control and Exposed methodology, we were able to document the "lift" generated by the various mobile advertising campaigns.

About Us

Arbor Vista Consulting LLC has been in operations since 2003. From 2006 until 2014, the company was the exclusive North American representative for Narragansett Technologies Ltd., an Irish company, that owns and developed the SensorPro application, a leading provider of messaging and feedback functionality. Since June 2014, Arbor Vista is re-establishing itself as a full service agency providing a complete range of services focused on brand management companies.

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